Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Long Cold WInter...

...has not slowed things down in Harrington City. In fact, committee work has resulted in the development of laws -- I was just looking over the shoulder of a Harrington Citizen who had been doing extensive research into the kinds of civil laws that are at the heart of every municipality -- "We're not really interested in what the national thing is, yet," he told me. "We have to get our community organized first, so things run smoothly close to home." Granting business licenses, marriage licenses, parking regulations, sales and property tax rules, some minor criminal law..."Who are going to be the judges, and how does a municipal court function, and what's the role the police department? Elections! Appointments! Politics!"

Our Resident Novelist announced that she is writing a novel, working with a professor at Bryn Mawr College for her Senior Project -- that is, the final hurdle for high school students in our school district, before they graduate. Seniors choose a field experience and do research and seek an outside facilitator. Our Resident Novelist had decided, in December, after starting up the Harrington Community Center, that she wanted to retire to her mansion and work on her novel. Since anything constructive goes in Harrington, that is what she did. I wish I could convey the high-speed, 180 degree turn involved in this outcome of high school for this particular young lady. I believe it has something to do being able to address one's heart's desire.