Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Twenty First Century Decisions

Launching the virtual high school classroom game with all the possibilities available: I was offered many bells and whistles, many formats, many options. I still return to the same game. "What is your heart's desire? What went through your mind when an adult asked you what you wanted to be when you were all grown up? What if you were -- without instigating crime, and with all of your personal needs taken care -- given a city block to develop? Start a bakery? Have a mall of stores? Run the airport? Be a famous author living and working in your dream house? Sporting goods store? Basketball team? Boxing gym? Lawyer? Hospital? Bookstore? Gas station? High rise condo with river views? Publishing company? Build a school? NASCAR race track?" Those were some virtualizations of this senior class. Class of 2010. I'm not sure how "online" this will be. They will decide. Already, some have declared themselves "mayor", and "governor", one actually hogging the board and telling each person what they wanted to be, writing it on the board. THAT wont' last very long, already the energy against being "told" rising. They won't get away with that attitude tomorrow."I want to start a police station. I don't want to write the rules, but I sure don't want them to tell me what the rules are. Is she/he going to write the rules? No? Good! We get to write the rules." For a classroom teacher, these are the scary moments -- control put in the hands of the controlled. Always a little bit of faith needed. Always an adventure of discovery. After more than a dozen generations of Harrington City, the first revelation of the power inside those minds is still humbling, still awesome.

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